Gerson Lizama (Viña del Mar, Chile) is a composer & performer of Contemporary Guitar. 

In July 2019 he launched his career as a solo guitarist, in an eclectic style of composition, being strongly influenced by Classical Music, Latin American Folklore and Jazz.

Gerson Lizama 6 miniaturas a lo vivido

On November 6th, Gerson Lizama released in the digital platforms, his new EP “6 Miniaturas a lo vivido”, an intimate work of short length pieces for guitar, framed in a project that the composer calls “creative training”, where every week he records and produces a new composition, makes videos “in door” that uploads to Youtube and its social networks, besides publishing their respective scores and tablatures in his website, everything in a 100% self-managed process.

The complete work will be compiled in the album “25 Miniatures for Guitar” which will be published in early 2021.