Berto Boyd began his musical training on the piano at age 5 and has been  playing guitar for over 30 years. A rigorous musician and a careful  researcher, Berto has studied in Spain and performed throughout the  United States with some of the world’s finest Flamenco, Classical and  Jazz artists. Born into a family of artists, which includes famed lead  singer, Brandon Boyd of the multi-platinum band Incubus,  he is one of the rare and few Americans who has dedicated his musical  dreams to mastering the art of the Spanish guitar and composing original  Flamenco music.

He currently resides in Portland, Oregon where he is musical director for Flamenco Pacifico, artistic director of the Corvallis Guitar Society and the owner of Berto Boyd Presents LLC. His first original solo publication “12 Flamenco Etudes”  was recently released in February 2018. Berto has artist endorsements  by Hannabach Strings, MiniFlex Mics and The2Mic, and Shelton-Farretta guitars.


Como el Aire- Berto Boyd3

On July 31th Berto Boyd released his new SINGLE  “Como el Aire”, a flamenco piece composed by Berto, which had the following collaborations:

Berto Boyd- Flamenco guitar
Randy Tico – Fretless Bass
Melissa Cruz – Palmas/Frame Drum
Terry Longshore – Cajon/Percussion
Pyata Penedo – Percussion

Guitar and Palmas recorded by Berto Boyd
Cajon/Percussion recorded by Max Longshore
Percussion recorded by Pyata Penedo
Fretless bass recorded in Santa Barbara, CA by Randy Tico

The track was Mixed by Pyata Penedo of Figure8Sound and Mastered by Caoba Records