Gerson Lizama (Viña del Mar Chile) is a composer & performer of Contemporary Guitar music. 

In July 2019, he launched a solo guitar career. He performs an eclectic style of compositions that are strongly influenced by Classical Music, Latin American Folklore and Jazz.

His work has focused on the exploration and consolidation of a musical identity inspired by the Flora of his country.

• Guitar Suite No.1 – “Desierto Florido” (2019)
• Guitar Suite No.2 – “Fantasía de Arboleda” (2020)

After one and a half year of his career release, Gerson’s music has been streamed more than 1 Million times on Spotify; an extraordinary number for an emerging artist and for the genre.

Gerson Lizama’s “succes” have inspired academic musicians and artists of “non-popular” music from various parts of the world, to leave the anonymity and show their work, upload their music on digital platforms, as a first step to the renewal and creation of new audiences in the genres of classical guitar, jazz, contemporary and experimental music.

The composer is currently in the process of recording his new LP consisting of 25 Guitar Miniatures, which will be released at the end of this year



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